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Rare American Folk Arts & Crafts needlework rug Tebbetts sisters


Code: 10854

Superb and rare example of a large Folk Arts & Crafts needlework rug
by the four Tebbetts sisters of Pittsburgh, Pensylvannia, USA (signed to the edges).

Stylised Aztec Pre- Columbian style folk cat, duck and other geometric designs.

Approx 12ft by 5ft

The famous Sisters Tebbetts - examples of their work are in the National Cathedral in Washington, USA 
(massive altar rug & cushions) amongst other institutions.
They were also famous for their Petiekin baby cloth doll creations.

For more info on the fascinating sisters, please read our blog on them entitled:

Four Sisters and a Rug!

Our thanks to Diane Ney, Head Archivist at Washington Cathedral and her volunteer assistant Amanda Chadbourne