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Peter Waals Cotswold School hall stand


Code: 10703

Rare Cotswold School oak umbrella or stick stand of stylishly unusual form by the top craftsman, Peter Waals (who used to be Ernest Gimson`s foreman before setting up on his own after Gimson`s death).
Framework made of small sections of oak with chamfered edges around thin vertical panels. Shaped tenons at the end; c1930. 
A slightly larger version of this is in the Arts & Crafts Collection at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum and is illustrated in "Good Citizen`s Furniture" by Annette Carruthers & Mary Greensted p118 exh 57.
With it`s original (now repainted) wrought steel tray probably made by Alfred Bucknall
Approx 29.5" high, 24" wide, 16.5" deep.