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Heywood Sumner lithos Autumn Winter


Code: 10601

A rare pair of oak framed Arts & Crafts chromolithographic prints after George Maunoir Heywood Sumner (1853-1940); WAS Benson`s cousin, entitled Autumn and Winter (lower left); depicting idealised harvesting and woodcutting landscape scenes. HS monogramme lower right.
The Autumn print is inscribed along the top and bottom borders, “ Season of mellow fruitfullness close bosom friend of the maturing sun conspiring with him how to load & bless & fill all fruit with ripeness to the core”.
The Winter print is inscribed along the top and bottom borders, “ When yellow leaves or none or few do hang upon these boughs which shake against the cold bare ruined choirs where late the sweet birds sing”. Both Shakespearean sonnets.
These series of prints were originally published by George Bell & Sons of York St, Covent Garden, London in 1893 for the The Fitzroy Picture Society; part of a set of four, a set of which was exhibited at the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society in that same year.
Ref: “Heywood Sumner; Artist & Archaeologist 1853-1940” by Margot Coatts & Elizabeth Lewis; Winchester City Museum.
h: 21” w: 37” inc frames.