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Rowley Gallery Winifred Brunton gouache


Code: 10575

A most unusual, interesting and quite rare, very finely painted miniature gouache on ivory, of the “Ring of Tutankhamen” (inscribed on back), incorporating a very vibrant turquoise scarab beetle, in its original Rowley Gallery 140-2 Church St, Kensington, silvered gesso frame (label to back); c1930’s.
By the miniature portrait and landscape painter, Winifred Mabel (nee Newbury) Brunton (1880-1959). Monogrammed “ WMNB” lower left.
Winifred Mabel Brunton started her artistic training in South Africa and went on to study in London at the Slade School of Fine Art. Her main sources of inspiration were Egyptian life, modern and ancient. She mainly concentrated on watercolour and miniature painting, and exhibited works in both Egypt and South Africa. In England she exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal Society of British Artists, Royal Society of Miniature Painters but mainly at the Arlington Gallery where she had many one man shows. 
She was also famous for her portraits of Egyptian Pharoahs, published as Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt (1926) and Great Ones of Ancient Egypt (1929). She married the eminent Egyptologist Guy Brunton in 1906.
Recently,  a miniature gouache on ivory by her, of the famous American literary figure, Ezra Pound, sold at auction for almost $20,000 in New York! 
h: 4.25”  w: 4.875”  inc frame