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Mary Seton Watts Compton carved panels


Code: 10168

An extremely rare set of three superbly carved deep oak panels; two with opposing angels amongst symbolist designs and the third with a cross with hearts & foliage after the stunning designs of Mary Seton Watts at the Watts Chapel in Compton, Surrey. 
Now individually framed in matching oak; images shown before framing.
What is remarkable about these panels, (aside from the obvious quality) is their almost identical representation of one of the truly amazing terracotta chapel exterior friezes “ The Spirit of Love” with angelic figures and the central Latin & Tao cross with intertwined hearts (and other symbolism) and the main chapel door and its “ Cross of Faith”, at the stunning Watts Chapel in Compton in Surrey ( see last two images to compare), which Mary Seton Watts designed and built. Probably carved by of the members of her Compton Potters Art Guild; c1900. 
Mary Seton Watts (nee Mary Seton Fraser Tytler) (1849-1938), symbolist craftswoman, socialist and pioneer of the Celtic style much used at Liberty was the only individual designer/craftsperson ever mentioned by name by Liberty & Co, thereby breaking their traditional policy. Wife of the celebrated Victorian artist George Frederick Watts. She created the amazing Art Nouveau Watts Chapel in Compton, Surrey, full of motifs derived from Celtic, Buddhist, Hindu, Egyptian, Persian, Assyrian and indeed other folk traditions. An artist in her own right, her skills extended to Comptons [terracotta] wares, book-binding, carpets, textiles and metalwork. A truly remarkable, gifted, and inspired creative figure in the British Arts & Crafts Movement.
Each panel: 18” by 14” by 1”