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Rare MH Baillie Scott cabinet


Code: 10167

A truly superb and rare Arts & Crafts oak cabinet of duodarn form, by the British architect-designer, 
Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott (1865-1945).
Typical stylised carving lower section doors. Elongated strapwork hinges to doors that terminate in a "kiss". Punch effect design sturdy drop loop handles on pierced shaped back plate with what appears to be the original red  fabric behind. Exposed tenon construction to flush panel sides. From his early Isle of Man period work/designs; c1898.
Approx 62" wide, 66" high, 21.25" depth.
The Studio Vol 10 No. 49 April 1897; article by MH Baillie Scott " On the Choice of Simple Furniture". 
There is a pencil sketch illustration of an almost identical cabinet but with panelled sides and on short legs; a variant, possibly not excecuted.
Academy Architecture and Architectural Review, 1896. Dining Room, Proposed House in Surrey designed by Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott