Rosemary Marshall watercolour - Wallflowers, prunus & grape hyacinth

Rosemary Marshall watercolour - Wallflowers, prunus & grape hyacinth

Code: 10966


Watercolour; Red wallflowers, prunus blossom and grape hyacinths in black vase.
Signed with monogramme; painted 2019 especially for Hill House Antiques.
Beautifully framed and glazed with top quality UV glass.
Approx 12.75" by 15.5" inc frame

We are proud to be showcasing & premiering the exquisite watercolours of the private and well respected Australian artist, Rosemary Marshall.

We chanced upon Rosemary's beautiful works and instantly fell in love with them. She tends to reflect a Japanese aesthetic which blends in harmoniously with both modern and Arts & Crafts furniture & interiors. We have specially commissioned 12 watercolours for our exhibition; so do not miss this opportunity. This is the first time that Rosemary has shown in London and naturally we are extremely excited to be the ones showing her work.She previously worked for nearly 30 years as a restorer of historic gardens which initially prevented her dedication to the painting that she so loved but now in recent years in the tranquillity of her homestead in New South Wales she has been able to finally satisfy her love of painting.

Rosemary is a self-taught artist who came to painting in the early Nineties; she initially had lessons from watercolourist Jan McNeil but group painting was not conducive to her highly detailed style and it’s demand for concentration that she developed early on.

She derives great joy from seeing an appealing assemblage of flowers and objects before her; drawing them and applying a colour-laden brush and gently lapping it upon the paper is immense, and the many hours required to achieve a richness and vibrancy of tone is deeply fulfilling.
She has completed countless commissioned works both for private and now soon to be public commissions for her new local hospital.

Looking back, she is naturally aware that in her landscaping, she was actually utilising tangible living and static forms and colour to create live paintings!
Naturally, she intimately identifies with The Arts and Crafts ideal of functional honest crafted works and is one that has had a lifelong closeness thanks to her parents’ own abiding respect for charm and character in their home and garden.