Russian Arts & Crafts Ivan Bilibin chromolithographs

Russian Arts & Crafts Ivan Bilibin chromolithographs

Code: 10995


A good stylish pair of original Russian Arts & Crafts chromolithographs after Ivan Bilibin; c1904

In what appears to be original frames (backing slightly distressed); signed & dated.

Each approx 15" by 17.5" inc frames.

These were from the tale of Volga (a medieval Russian hero) part of what is known as the "Byliny" series (heroic songs reflecting the struggle of the people of ancient Russia against both real and folkloric enemies).

The magical hero Volga had the ability to transform himself into any animal he liked.
Then one day he transformed himself into a bird, entered the Turkish Sultan's palace.
Upon hearing the Sultan's plan to attack Kiev in Russia, he transforms himself into a wolf, destroys the Sultan's weapons
then returns to Kiev to gather up his army who in turn attack and defeat the Turks.