Ilse Breit early 20thC Austrian chromolithograph print

Ilse Breit early 20thC Austrian chromolithograph print

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Charming Austrian early 20thC chromolithographic print of animals and birds, after Ilse Breit; signed and dated fro 1927 and in its original frame.

Taken from the V&A website where there are examples of her work:

"Ilse Breit was a student in Professor Franz Cizek's Jugendkunstklasse.
Professor Cizek (1848-1922) was initially a genre and portrait painter but became involoved with the reform of art education in the early 20th Century.
He saw the artistic individuality of a child as characterized by instinctual responses and based his teaching theory around this.
In 1897 he founded a school called the Jugendkunstklasse ('Children's art class') for children from the age of three upwards
and in 1904 it was incorporated into the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts (Kunstgewerbeschule), where he taught until 1934."

Dimensions approx 19" square