1960s Aubrey Beardsley style Pop Art pen and ink drawing

1960s Aubrey Beardsley style Pop Art pen and ink drawing

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Stylish and unusual c1960's Pop Art  pen & ink/watercolour drawing in the Aubrey Beardsley style.
Drawing approx 8" square and mounted on card (now newly framed)

Surrounding verse:
"She keeps kingfishers in their cages 
And goldfish in their bowls 
She is lovely and afraid of 
Such things as growing cold"

which is from "Somewhere Between Heaven and Woolworth's", 
by the famous 60's Liverpool/Mersey beat poet, Brian Patten.

It was also put to song by Neil Innes of The Bonzo Dog Doodah Band (and also The Rutles!)

The whole very much in the Beatles/Yellow Submarine style and may be an early Alan Aldridge drawing, who was known for his psychadelic artwork for the Beatles and The Who, amongst others and once dubbed the "Beardsley in blue jeans".

The trinity symbols in the drawing are variations of the triskele, used by many cultures, including Celtic, representing a Triquetra, Borromean rings and a Knot of Vala. The feather probably representing Maat, the Egyption Goddess of Truth!

Coinsidentally this symbology was used by the famous rock band, Led Zeppelin on the cover of their album Led Zeppelin IV and other memorabilia. Three of the symbols were a reference to each band member.