Gordon Russell Stow cabinet

Code: 10716

A rare and early period ( Lygon Arms) brown oak Arts & Crafts Cotswold School two door "Stow" cabinet (shape 104 - originally designed as a washstand) with bog oak handles designed by Gordon Russell and made at his workshops in 1926 (see label image).
With projecting upright octagonal supports and beautifully chamfered stretchers. Originally designed as a washstand (which of course it still can be used as) but equally useful as a hall table, writing desk or just simply a practically sized two door compact cabinet.
English Brown Oak is one of the rarest oaks of the world. The deep brown colour comes about as a result of the interaction of a naturally occuring fungus (Beef Steak Fungus)on the English White Oak. All the fungus does is turn the wood into a rich deep brown colour.
Approx 36.5"  wide, 20.5" deep and 30.5"  high.
Gordon Russell Stow cabinet